Botanicals, Fruit Powders,


Supplements for a changing world

From energy to sleep and focused to calm, today’s supplements are more than just generic vitamin blends. Consumers are looking for healthy ways to help control what they feel in a chaotic world. Tart cherry with natural melatonin and elderberry for immunity are two examples of this new way of feeling better by being better. Talk to us about low-volume contract manufacturing supplements to test your concepts with your targeted focus group or key followers. 


Plant Based Ingredients

Plant based ingredients such as protein powders, fruit concentrates, purees, and freeze dried powders, supergreen powder blends, and healthy oils are just some of the active ingredients that can be added as whole foods into concepts including gummies, chews, chocolate, and hard candy as their delivery method. We can even take these fruit based centers and coat them in good-for-you dark chocolate. Sounds too good to be true? They are delicious and we can do it!


Old Becomes New

Old becomes new when ancient spices are shown to improve everything from blood pressure to blood sugar and generally support health. Just some of these spices include turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, peppermint, ashwagandha, and cardamom. There are so many options within the supplement actives category–we are happy to join you on the journey as you define what best fits your product lines.


Masking Expertise

Some of these actives come along with off notes and odd colors. From dirty metallic to barnyard or bitter and sometimes a combination of these and more, all are notes that need to be calmed down. Blending and masking to achieve an enjoyable eating experience is the first step along the development process. Our ability to provide low-volume contract manufacturing supplements ensures you have a product to test for shelf life before investing in large production.


Our Broader Network

We often partner with suppliers on the cutting edge of research for health-supporting ingredients that have been clinically tested and ready for you to build an exciting product line. With our in-house small volume capabilities, we can both develop and provide initial samples with our contract manufacturing supplements.


Contact us to help bring your supplement vision to life!