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We believe success comes from an understanding of theory, execution of research, and application of skills gained through years of dedication to the industry we love.

Because Candy Design is


From carbohydrate molecule balancing to polymorphic fat crystallization, confectionery formulation requires an in-depth knowledge of chemistry that dances with a creative spirit.

So when your marketing team decides:

  • The next big gourmet candy brand is going retro with rich caramel, gooey marshmallow, and spice-infused chocolate. But all your pieces fall flat.
  • The entire supplement line should be in a gummy format, because pill fatigue is real. But the actives taste awful and make the gummies a weird color.
  • It's time to change the world by taking the scary out of medications, and providing children a better, safer way to get well. But drugs are bitter, and ensuring the flavor is palatable but not crave-able is fundamental to success.

It's OK, we're here and we've got this.


The Skilled Craft of

Food Innovation



According to the National Confectioners Association, 93% of people believe that candy can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And the industry is fun to be a part of! Getting your vision to transition into a product that is robust enough for production, distribution, and warehousing all before delighting your consumers is what we do best. From low sugar to vegan to organic, we can design your product to suit your brand's personality.


Pill fatigue is real. Our internal studies have shown that 70% of gummy vitamins and supplements are geared toward adults and the innovation is not slowing down. With double digits in the category for decades, consumers are looking for products that enhance their well being. From calm and focused to energized or increased immunity, consumers want supplements that meet their personal lifestyle while being enjoyable and convenient to consume and carry them.



Let's take the scary out of taking medications! Children struggle to swallow pills and it causes them anxiety to even try. Providing palatable, discreet, chewable solutions can save lives globally. Our flavor modulation technologies go deeper than just flavor masking. So let's partner to change the story.


Not sure if your fabulous new ingredient has functionality in candy and chewable supplements? We can help! From panning to gummies, chocolate to lollipops, we will design and deliver testing to prove its value. We can even make samples for sales and trade shows in our fully licensed food facility.


We ARE your

Target Market!

Victus Ars Scientists each have production experience along with a STEM degree. That, however, is just table stakes. Studies show women hold over 80% of household purchasing power and make over 90% of food purchase decisions.

Victus Ars Scientists, Executives, and all Leadership Positions are required to be a Primary Food Purchaser in their home, So when we partner with you, Expert Users are with you from Design Phase through Commercialization.

Lean on Our Expertise

Victus Ars will assist you with development of new products, and processes that scale.

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Doesn't your product deserve that? Don't you?

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