Our Team

Every Scientist at Victus Ars has their own story of finding their passion in the Sweets & Snacks Industry. We are deliberate in choosing to work together, and deliberate in choosing the projects we take on. If we are a fit with you, you'll understand the difference that makes.


Allison Voll

I am a R&D Manager who leads the scientists on product development and research projects, specializing in gummy product development and gummy research. Most of the projects I work primarily involve low sugar formulation, VMS, and pharma product development.

I have a degree in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and have 8 years of experience with confectionery development and production. Before coming to Victus Ars, I worked at the Swiss Colony for 5 years.

What I love about Victus Ars is working with clients from many different industries and backgrounds, and that I’m able to learn and build my knowledge-base every day.

Fun Fact: Nothing excites me more than tasting new foods and experiencing new flavors.

What is your favorite confectionery treat? As an adult it’s always changing, my nostalgic favorite from childhood is Nerds.

What are you excited to create at Victus Ars? I am excited to develop innovative products and solutions for our clients.

love shaw

Bridgette Love-Shaw

I am a R&D Manager who manages our team of scientists and works one-on-one with our clientele while continuing to do formulation work on various confectionery projects. My work comprises product development, shelf life studies, running trials, and flavor development and modification.

I have a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Western Illinois University, so I do not have the typical Food Science degree or educational background. I also have a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship as well as an MBA in Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Throughout my career in the food and beverage industry, I have worked at ingredient companies, a baking manufacturer, and with YUM companies. The numerous positions I have held include a QC Inspector, Jr. Product Developer, QA, QC and R&D Lab Technician, Jr. Food Scientist, Application Scientist, Confectionery Scientist, Sr. Scientist, and now R&D Manager.

What I love about Victus Ars is that I get to use my 15+ years of experience while still learning new things daily. I also get the opportunity to introduce, influence and empower others coming into the Food Industry.

Fun Fact: I love to travel. The goal is to visit every continent. 

What is your favorite confectionery treat? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Turtles.

What are you excited to create at Victus Ars? Everything. Products that have medicinal uses as well as tasting yummy.


Bilinda Pringle

I am the Confectionery Lab Manager. I handle the operations of the lab, so everything from researching new and cutting edge ingredients and equipment, ensuring that all lab equipment and lab supplies stay in working order, coordinating with internal and external maintenance technicians, and leading the staff to see that the lab stays in a clean and orderly fashion. I also manage the hiring and training of our interns and lab techs while maintaining a working relationship with employment partners.

Before coming to Victus Ars, I spent most of my career in corporate America. After the last round of layoffs left me unemployed, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a professional baker. I got certified through a bakery training program and then got a management job in a high-volume bakery. After that, I took on a role as Director of Operations which put me in charge of production for a baking training program. While the science of baking had always interested me, I never thought about the science that goes into candy and other types of sweet snacks which then brought me to Victus Ars. And, I recently joined the Research Chefs Association.

What I love about Victus Ars is that every day is a bit different and that you have endless ways to develop and grow.

Fun Fact: I love to learn. If I’m learning something new, I’m happy.

What is your favorite confectionery treat? Anything chocolate.

What are you excited to create at Victus Ars? Continuing to create a space for learning, innovation, and craftsmanship.