Led by a 

Candy Hall of Famer

Every scientist at Victus Ars has studied under President & Founder Michelle Frame, a 2021 inductee into the Candy Hall of Fame. Their unique experiences are buoyed up by the foundational methodologies Michelle teaches, providing a lineage of understanding that combines both technical and application skills.

With visionary thinking, a creative mindset, and a lab full of toys, our scientists are well-equipped to partner with you on your new product journey. And we love having our clients play in the kitchen with us!


Theory Learned

...Experience Earned.

We've learned from some of the top minds and books on food science...and we've been doused with marshmallow, humbled by jelly beans, rendered immobile by caramel, deflated by cookies, and have mucked gallons of chocolate. We apply our hard-earned years of technical experience so you succeed!

Our Capabilities



Chocolate Panning

Sugar Shell Panning






Hard Candy


We know parameters such as:

• Low Sugar •

• Organic •

• Vegan •

• Non-GMO •

• Natural Flavors and Colors •