Pill fatigue is


Over 200,000 children die every year throughout the world due to tuberculosis – a disease we have the medication to treat. Yet, the current regimented pills are so difficult for sick children to take that nonadherence is extremely high. Many live in remote areas with no access to the medication itself and no clean water to take it with. We have the capability of getting these drugs into a stable gummy format with the palatability of a chewable vitamin, no water necessary.

According to UNICEF, the top 5 childhood infectious diseases are both preventable and treatable. Yet, malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV, tuberculosis kill approximately 1.8 million children every year. It’s time for a new solution to this horrible problem.

In addition, many children, especially those on the autism spectrum, have difficulty swallowing pills. Adults over 70 start losing the ability to swallow easily. New formats of drug delivery that are convenient, palatable, and don’t require water are needed now.


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Flavor Masking and Modulation

is our Secret Sauce

We understand sweet delivery systems like no one else. We’ve been working with supplements and APIs for 15 years in these systems and we understand their hurdles! Flavor modulation often takes more than just a masker and the entire base must play a role in creating a palatable solution. Our toolbox of maskers, sweetening agents, and blockers has been developed through years of trials and testing.


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